Accidents prevention in power supply systems with distributed generation plants

  • Yuri Bulatov Bratsk State University, Bratsk, Russia
  • Andrey Kryukov Irkutsk State Transport University, Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Irkutsk, Russia
Keywords: power supply systems, distributed generation plants, emergency control, harmonized setting, automatic voltage regulator, automatic speed regulator


The paper is concerned with the study aimed at the development of methods for emergency control in power systems with distributed generation plants. The control actions enabling the state parameters to meet stability constraints were generated by changing the vector of controlled parameters along a preset path corresponding to the shortest distance from a point of the initial state to a limiting hypersurface. In this case, limit loads equations of the power system were used. The quality of dynamic processes during control actions was ensured by harmonized tuning of the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and automatic speed regulator (ASR) of distributed synchronous generators. Computer-aided modeling was used to demonstrate that the post-emergency operating conditions meeting stability constraints can be calculated using limit load equations while using the starting algorithm that enables the values of operating parameters to reach the nearest boundary of the feasibility (stability) region. Modeling of the power system in MATLAB environment demonstrates that the fuzzy algorithms used to control AVR and ASR settings considerably enhance the quality of transient processes of voltage, frequency, and power when the power of distributed generators in post-emergency conditions is reduced.