An Improved Technique For Identification Of Mathematical Models Of Thermal Power Equipment


  • Vitaly E Alexeyuk Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia


Identification of mathematical models, mathematical modeling, optimization of operating conditions, state estimation


The paper proposes an improved technique for identification of mathematical models of complex thermal power equipment. This integrated technique provides more effective detection of gross errors in measurements of control parameters applied for identification of a mathematical model of studied equipment, validation of the model, correction of errors in the model construction, and an increase in the identification accuracy. Additionally, the paper presents an original approach to considering the effect of a generating unit load on the internal relative efficiencies of turbine compartments, which can be applied to other adjusted coefficients of the mathematical model with nonlinear dependence on equipment operating conditions. The proposed technique was tested on a detailed mathematical model of a 225 MW generating unit. In the paper, the mathematical model identification problem is solved for the generating unit and an example of optimization calculation is demonstrated for the actual operating conditions to decrease specific fuel consumption for electricity generation.