Development of Power Generating Sector of Mongolia and its Role in Creating an International Power Grid in Northeast Asia


  • Sereeter Batmunkh Mongolian State University of Science and Technology
  • Bayar Bat-Erdene Mongolian State University of Science and Technology
  • Altain Erdenebaatar Mongolian State University of Science and Technology


power generating industry, energy resources, electric power systems, power plants, transmission lines, forecasting, structural models, electric power interconnection


The paper presents the background of creation and development of the power generating sector in Mongolia, and its current state. Despite considerable energy resources the country suffers from electric power shortage that is covered by electricity supplies from Russia and China. Forecasted considerable power consumption growth can be met by doubling the generating capacities, enhancing electric power networks and by interconnecting the five existing electric power systems (EPS) into a National Power Grid (NPG) of Mongolia as a future component of an International Power Grid of Northeast Asia. For addressing these challenges the authors propose a number of conceptual structural and technological models of Mongolian EPS development that can form the base of future National Power Grid of Mongolia.