Numerical Study of Operating Modes of a Single-Stage Air-Steam Blown Gasification Process of Pulverized Coal


  • Igor Donskoy Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia


coal, gasification, high-temperature air, numerical modelling


Gasification of solid fuels is a way to improve technical and environmental efficiency of using solid fuels in the energy sector. Typically, gasifiers for large power stations operate as entrained flow reactors: pulverized coal particles are carried by gasification agent and undergo conversion stages. The single-stage process of steam-air coal gasification is studied in present work considering preliminary high-temperature heating of the air. To this end, a mathematical model is used that includes one-dimensional transport equations and chemical transformations of fuel and gas mixture. The calculations show the main characteristics of the gasification process and their dependence on control parameters: air heating temperature, stoichiometric ratio and steam consumption.