Civilization as a Large-Scale Energy-Information System


  • Vitaly V. Bushuev Institute of Energy Strategy (IES), Moscow, Russia


civilization, features, transformation, cyclical development, target vision (foresight), East-Eurasian civilization system, energy prospects of East Eurasia


The world is a triadic meta-system: nature - society - man, in which all components are linked by material, energy, and information relationships. These system subjects and their relationships are civilization structures represented by a "community" in our planetary House, i.e., Ecos (from the Greek ‘oikos’ – dwelling in various zones of the earthly oecumene). Civilization is a set of socio-natural factors, the system of life, and cultural-and-mental relations in the eco-system in its certain evolution stage. Regional and mental features (like apartments in an apartment house) characterize certain historical and geographical types of civilization, among which the Atlantic, East-Eurasian, and Islamic ones stand out. All of them are in different stages of their evolution and differ in their material level, the organization of social life, and the target vision of their arrangement.

The current stage of the civilization development is characterized by a thorough transformation of all its types under the influence of regular cyclicality and change in the dominant factors of socio-natural relations in the planetary House, given the qualitatively new features of modernity - massive digitalization as a way of integrating the real (material and power energy) and verbal (subtle-energy and information) worlds.