Identification of Promising Research Issues in the Digital Industry Topic by Analyzing Scopus Bibliometric Data for 2018 – 2022


  • Boris Chigarev Oil and Gas Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


digital industry, promising research issues, bibliometric metadata, high-cited publications, Scopus, VOSviewer


The paper aims to identify promising research issues on the topic of Digital Industry based on the analysis of bibliometric data from Scopus platform for 2018–2022. To this end, the titles and abstracts of highly cited works by authors with high publication activity were considered. Authors' Scopus profiles were used to determine their affiliations, which are important for an in-depth analysis of selected promising Digital Industry strands. Metadata filtering was performed to identify highly cited papers on particular issues by keyword, subject area, affiliation with countries and sponsoring organizations. Additionally, bibliometric metadata were clustered based on the co-occurrence of terms using VOSviewer. Within these clusters, articles of interest were identified for the formulation of promising research issues on the topic of Digital Industry, which will be thoroughly examined in separate papers.