About the journal

Energy Systems Research is an international peer-reviewed journal addressing all the aspects of energy systems, including their sustainable development and effective use, smart and reliable operation, control and management, integration and interaction in a complex physical, technical, economic and social environment.

Energy systems research methodology is based on a system approach considering energy objects as systems with complicated structure and external ties, and includes the methods and technologies of system analysis.

Within this broad multi-disciplinary scope, topics of particular interest include strategic energy systems development at the international, regional, national and local levels; energy supply reliability and security; energy markets, regulations and policy; technological innovations with their impacts and future-oriented transformations of energy systems.

The journal welcomes papers on advances in power engineering and heat supply, energy efficiency and energy saving, renewable energy and clean fossil fuel generation, and other energy technological issues.

Energy Systems Research is also concerned with energy systems challenges related to the applications of information and communication technologies including intelligent control and cyber security, modern approaches of system analysis, modeling, forecasting, numerical computations and optimization.

4 issues per year (special issues are available), English, Open access.