Analysis of China and the World's Energy Security Issues


  • Zhuxi Yang Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus


Energy Security, Energy Revolution, Energy System


Energy security is an important part of the national security system. Affected by global geopolitics and the spread of the novel corona virus pneumonia, China's energy security is facing severe challenges. Energy is the most basic driving force for the development and economic growth of the whole world, and it is the basis for human survival. The issue of energy security has arisen since the Industrial Revolution. With the increasing demand for energy in human society, energy security has been gradually getting closely linked with political and economic security. By the middle of the 21st century, or around 2050, oil resources will be exhausted, and prices will rise substantially, according to a common estimate by economists and scientists. If the new energy system is not established at this time, the energy crisis will sweep the world, especially the developed countries that strongly depend on oil resources. How to comprehensively and efficiently utilize domestic energy resources, control and reduce the scale of oil and gas imports, and ensure energy security are still urgent research issues for China's high-quality and sustainable development.