Methods for Analyzing and Increasing Cyber Resilience of Smart Energy System Facilities


  • I.S. Demidov Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia


smart energy system, cyberattacks, cybersecurity, resilience


Energy systems are currently undergoing digital transformation. The establishment and development of an intelligent energy system involves new information technologies for monitoring, controlling, measuring, and transmitting data to control and manage power flows. However, in addition to all the advantages to be gained using modern information technology, it becomes possible to carry out cyber-attacks on energy facilities. The purpose of this work is to review methods designed to analyze and enhance the cyber resilience of Smart energy system (SES) facilities. Various methods have been used to date, which, to one degree or another, can be used to achieve the above goal. The paper discusses in detail the methods, which can be utilized to:
• evaluate the risk of cyberattack;
• assess the consequences of cyberattacks;
• counteract cyberattacks;
• assess cyber situational awareness, and the ways to increase the cyber resilience of SES facilities.
The paper also presents the problems facing information security and their causes, and proposes solutions to improve cyber security of electric power facilities.