The Influence of Unbalanced Loads in the Electrical Network on the Operation of Transneft PJSC Power Consumers


  • S.V. Pavlenko TransneftElectrosetServis LLC, Moscow, Russia



power quality, asymmetric loads, electric power system, reliability


The study focuses on an assessment of the power quality of electrical consumers of Mariinsk substation of the Transneft–Western Siberia JSC and Skovorodino OPS-21 of Transneft–East LLC in the power systems adjacent to the Trans-Siberian Railway and Baikal–Amur Mainline. The dynamics of bringing the power quality indices at the OPS-21 to the normalized values of the State Standard (GOST 32144-2013) when using SVC-20/20-10 at this station is shown. The design solutions of the Round Table “Low quality of electricity in 35-220 kV electrical networks supplying electrified railways and public consumers. Technologies for its normalization” were noted within the framework of the International Forum “Electrical Networks”, Moscow, November 22–25, 2022.


V. V. Aksenov, A. I. Demin, V. S. Chuprikov, “Ensuring the electricity quality in the power systems adjacent to the Transsib and BAM. Experience in the development and implementation of compensating devices,” Energetik, no. 3, pp. 14–22, 2023. (In Russian)