Evolution of Energy Systems Research: Analysis of Documents Co-citation Network


  • Alexey V. Mikheev Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS


energy systems, power systems, innovation development, research trends, research agenda, bibliometric analysis, scientometric analysis, visual analysis, CiteSpace, VOSViewer


The bibliometric overview investigates the evolution in the field of energy systems research over scientific publications in the Scopus database during the last two decades - 2001-2021. The study reveals the underlying topic structures derived from research document co-citation network using clustering algorithm of CiteSpace software. The representation of the research front with identified key topics is the result of visual and topological analysis of the network. The topics discovered correspond to the emerging trends such as multidimensional integration of energy systems, including hybrid renewable systems and sector coupling, cybersecurity and resilience issues, and various technologies related to machine learning, energy storage, DC microgrids, and others.